YMAC is our youth ministry program for ages 12-18. In our development of this program we felt that it was a vital vision for us to emphasize prayer, praise, and the word. We felt this way mostly due to some older kids who would be soon leaving for college and we desired for them to have a good foundation so that they would continue in their walk with the Lord. Our focus and foundation has stayed the same, but we have seen some changes in our strategy depending upon a variety of variables in our youth. We hold bi-annual camping trips in which we play games, learn drama skits, worship, teach from the word, and a time of testimony usually around the camp fire. YMAC meets every Tuesday evening at 6pm at the ARWChurch. 

Leaders: Darrell Harris, Nicole Harris, Joe Tokay, Linda Tokay, Rachel Black,

Aaron Tokay, Joey Tokay, Tina Wilson, Breanna Sylvis, and Patrice Blenman